Monday, February 6, 2012

A little post card from Arizona

Hello from super-sunny Arizona!  No really. We have had one "cloudy" day since we moved here. It is a-maz-ing.

After packing our entire house in less than two weeks, saying Goodbye to way-too-many friends, giving away quite a bit of my sewing stuff because it just wouldn't fit, driving 2,000 miles, moving into a beautiful new home, and getting settled in to a wonderful new city with an amazing new church family, I am finally breathing long enough to stop and say, "HI! I am still here."

The last two months have overflowed with transition and change, but I have a found a few minutes here and there to do some sewing (and a lot more think about it)!

Jolene's Granny Square quilt had me from the first glance, and I now have all my squares cut out and am slowing getting them sewn together.  This one lends itself perfectly to my schedule because even if I just have 15 minutes, I can get a few rows sewn together.  {I'm lucky if I get 15 though!}

I won some Echo fabric from Fresh Squeezed Fabric, and this is even more beautiful in person than all the photos I have seen.  I'm still trying to convince my hubby that we need to recover our {new} dining room chairs in this print :) I did sew up some placemat tops with this fabric, but because I got rid of quite a bit of my supplies when I moved, I'm still trying to bring myself to go buy some more batting so I can finish these up.  Until then, our table will just stay dirty. {mostly kidding!}

Most of what I have been doing though is laying out stacks of fabric for the projects I think I am going to do, only to distracted by one cute baby and a beautiful toddler. My biggest transition in this move has been staying home with them, and I love it. It is challenging, but I have been able to get to know my girls more than I ever did when I was working.  Sometimes it is a little mundane (like when I'm making peanut butter and honey sandwiches for the umpteenth day in a row), but I love honey, and it brings joy to my red head, so it's all worth it!



  1. Back in the saddle again! Happy to see your posts again and especially that happy little girls playing with her feet!

  2. I'm so happy to see a post from you! I am relying on these pictures & small glimpses into your world to stay semi up-to-date on your life in in AZ. Oh, and quit gloating about the beautiful weather. Some of us aren't so fortunate. :) Love!

  3. sounds so familiar! Jay is getting sick of my fabric stacks taking over the house... I have good intentions! :)

    beautiful baby...

  4. I just saw a cute baby, your son? why don't you share a Leather shoulder bags at with us?


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