Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Because if I don't write something, my last post will have been too long ago

I think I have started three blog posts in the last week and each one looks something like this:


We returned home from two weeks in California very early Friday morning, and we spent the long weekend recovering from all the fun.  My laundry is finally under control, I've cleared some of the ants out of my kitchen, and I think we're all back on Kentucky Time. That's about it, though! I don't have any pictures because the five I took are still on the camera and I need to send my family members discs to put their pictures on so I'll have some proof we were there.

Well, unless fabric counts as proof.  I did manage to snag the remaining fabric I needed for my quilt plus a few extra goodies while in CA.  You'll have to wait to see that though, because I haven't even photographed it yet!

Oh, and the diaper bag? I have a very (overly) detailed review waiting to be sent to you just as soon as I take some pictures and get them on my computer!  For now, here's what I managed to snag off Facebook for you.

Pre-breakfast stroll on Laguna Beach

That's it. Here's to being home and getting back in the swing of things, which hopefully includes some sewing and picture taking!


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