Thursday, February 24, 2011

New project idea: Placemats!

After finishing the pinwheel block, I am feeling more like I actually want to go sew.  (yay!)  I still have one more bee block for this month plus my mom's seriously-overdue birthday gift to finish, but after that I want to make something for my home. Sara just posted some gorgeous place mats that she made using this pattern from fabric designer Amanda Murphy.  {photo from SewSweetness}

I have a beautiful stack of Parisville fabrics that I have been trying to decide what to do with, and I think the place mat project will be perfect.  I love table linens, but our little Ikea table is too small to accommodate 4 standard place mats. These should be perfect!


  1. Wow Kelly, thanks so much ::blush:: I bet your Parisville fabrics would make great placemats. I can't wait to see how you combine them! The placemats are pretty smallish, so I bet they'd be perfect for your table!

  2. awesome! very original and you have some great fabrics to use. Yes, I look forward to the lunch bag whenever it gets here.


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