Monday, September 27, 2010

NABC Fringe Fest (or the one when I had the dates mixed up)

Remember the Craft Fair I told you about? The one that is this weekend?  I have been so darned busy getting ready--making inventory, designing product labels, enlisting the help of Beth and Alicia (and Alicia's husband who babysat and washed dishes!!) and am so close to being ready I can taste it. Almost.

I hadn't heard anything from the organizer recently so I went to the website and realized that the show is not this weekend.  It is NEXT weekend! bahahaha! boohoohoo!  How does one mix up the dates for a craft fair they are participating in???  I don't know either, but I managed to do it.  Thank goodness I have no plans for next weekend. At least I didn't until an hour ago.

So for you and for me and my lack of sanity, here are some details. 
I guess it's not technically a "Craft Show". It's actually a swanky festival that is part of the larger activities of Harvest Homecoming...the New Albanian Brewing Company's Fringe Fest!

Yay! Do you see the "Art" part? That's me and quite a few other wonderful and talented local artists who will have tables at the festival.  So mark your calendars for October 7, 8, and 9, and come down for art, great music, and loads of fun!

During the day this is a great family event. Della and I went last year and enjoyed walking around Harvest Homecoming as well as seeing all the local art at the Fringe Fest. 


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  1. So you have more time! Hooray! Can I help with any last-minute details this weekend?? :)


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